YouTube channel ‘M-LIVE’ launched by Mawra Hocane

The actress shared a teaser on social media to introduce her YouTube channel to fans and followers.

To introduce her YouTube channel ‘M-LIVE’ to fans and followers, Mawra Hocane released a teaser on social media.

She has also highlighted some notable players from the national and foreign teams in her first YouTube upload titled “30 profound things.” The actress revealed her passion for cricket in her YouTube upload entitled “30 profound things.”

According to her, “No one is allowed to tell me in comments or in real life that I’m a wannabe cricket fan.”. She adds, “When it comes to the World Cup, I always react like my guy friends.”.

She concludes her first video with a public service message for men, saying, “Don’t tell girls they don’t know anything about cricket because when the world cup arrives, we know everything.”

The video has grabbed hundreds of views in a brief period as it has gone viral online due to the actor’s comment on the misogynist mindset of some male cricket fans. She has promised to release many videos on her channel, including skincare advice, yoga routines, and live clips.

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In addition to attending various cricket tournaments, Mawra shares her love of the game on social networks.

It’s Bismillah. Wishing everything to be prosperous and more for my green, my Pakistan. I’m reusing an outfit from five years ago because it’s green.”