If you want to look gorgeous on Diwali in a simple look, then this Vidya Balan look is perfect for you

There is no hiding Vidya Balan’s love for Diwali 2022 sarees. The Dirty Picture actress has shared a picture on the special occasion of Diwali, which has gone viral on social media. You will look stylish simply when you look at these pictures.

Vidya Balan look is perfect for you

Diwali is in full swing across the country. In Bollywood, too, its influence is evident. While on the one hand, there was an influx of stars from Kriti Sanon to Ayushmann Khurrana and Manish Malhotra at the Diwali party, Bollywood’s Dirty Girl Vidya Balan celebrated the festival in such a simple way that fans can share their photos with their photos. I can’t stop staring at her. This look of Kahaani actress Vidya will help you if you want to look exquisite in your heart while having a Diwali flair for simplicity.

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Vidya Balan’s simplicity won fans’ hearts when they saw her in a saree.

Many pictures were shared by Vidya Balan on her Instagram before Diwali, dyed in the colors of the festival. After seeing these pictures, you can take tips from the actress on making a simple sari look beautiful. Vidya has shared beautiful photos one after another. Vidya Balan wears an orange blouse with a golden color, which matches her Mehndi-colored silk saree with a golden border and pink pallu.

Gold jewelry and vermilion on her forehead completed her look.

The saree worn by Vidya Balan is very simple, but you can notice by looking closely at these pictures that her gold jewelry gives her look a festive feel despite its simplicity. As part of this look, Vidya wears a gold necklace around her neck, large earrings on her ears, and green and red bangles on her hands. What adds to her look is the red dot on her forehead and the vermilion on her forehead. On her Instagram account, Vidya Balan has shared many pictures. A beautiful Rangoli has been made behind each of these photos. Sharing these photos, Vidya said her festive season is in full swing. Fans love Vidya’s festive look.